Formula Race Promotions Concludes Penultimate Round of 2020 in Pittsburgh

Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta

Rounds Eleven & Twelve
Calendar: October 30th - 31st
Location: Braselton, GA


New for 2020 — FRP’s FC Classic Class

The FC Classic Class will run within the F2000 Championship Series run group. This is the
opportunity for Older F2000/FC Cars to experience and enjoy the same 3 hours of track time and great racing opportunity as all of our F2000 participants, but without the need to compete with their newer brethren with a lower $700/event entry fee. Eligibility for the FC Classic Class is as follows:
• All Pinto powered cars.
• All chassis manufactured pre 1998.
• Any Driver — who has never run an FRP F2000 event — may run for TWO events with any chassis.
• Any Hoosier Tire, purchased from the factory, is allowed.
There are no Points, Purse, or Podium for entrants in FC Classic.


2020 Registration is Now Open!

Individual event registration is open. Download the official 2020 series registration & event entry PDF via the registration button below.
See you on the grid!

2020 Registration

Pic of the Week

Drivers Mitch Regadas and Max Esterson battling it out as the green flies for Race 2 at PIRC - 2020. See more photos on FRP's Instagram - linked above.